With the holidays just around the corner, Vuototecnica looks back on the year that has come to an end with its obstacles and satisfactions. But more importantly, it prepares for the one to come.

The year 2022 was in some ways a time of recovery and in some other ways a time of difficulties in the procurement of raw materials that affected so many industries across the country. A problem that in part also affected the reality of Vuototecnica.

Therefore, we extend even more heartfelt thanks to customers for their patience, even in the wake of the communication of longer-than-usual delivery terms. With the hope that quality and the usual passion for things well made were worth the wait.

Vuototecnica has always prided itself on dialogue and problem solving, and these values become even more important when it comes to pleasing customers at such critical times for the entire industry.

The year 2023 promises to be a harbinger of news and events. The invitation is to follow our blog to stay updated on upcoming meeting opportunities.

The offices are closed for the holiday season. To all employees, suppliers and customers, a Merry Christmas and a happy 2023!


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