Since 2021, robotics industry has returned to growth fast. According to the International Federation of Robotics, there were half a million (517,385) new robots installed in 2021, a growth rate of 31 percent per year.

The driving sectors differed by country: in China and Germany it was automotive that recorded the highest growth rate; in the United States, metals and machinery. In Italy, on the other hand, robot installations have increased by more than double, and we are ranked sixth in the world (behind Japan and Korea) and second in Europe, behind Germany.

Most installations in 2021 were recorded in the metal and machinery industry (+27%). The industrial machinery segment alone recorded a growth rate of 82 percent, but the food industry also featured significant demands for industrial robots.

According to the International Federation of Robotics, trends for the future include:

  • sustainability, for increasingly efficient solutions;
  • democratization of robotics, with easier-to-use and cheaper solutions;
  • advances in human-robot collaboration;
  • developments in other technologies;
  • adoption of robotics outside the industrial sector, for example in hospitality, medicine, agriculture, and cleaning and logistics, resulting in flexible machinery;
  • Integrations of artificial intelligences.

These are all lines of growth that Vuototecnica has been working on for almost 50 now in partnership with leading robot integrators for vacuum management and creation and in the design of handling and movement solutions through suction cups. There is reason to believe that the future is in the hands of vacuum.

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