Vacuum gripping systems are used in the wood industry primarily for pick & place and for creating and maintaining vacuum when processing and transforming sawmill material.

The items to handle can be of various shapes and sizes depending on the level of processing; the characteristics of the surface on which the suction cups are to hold change accordingly.

That’s why the cups must be sized correctly, but more importantly, their material must be chosen wisely so that they will last, leave no marks in certain applications, and provide a good seal.

There are technical tricks to improve woodworking processes in woodworking plants and in the wood industry in general.

Vacuum sensors, for example, can be useful for detecting the presence of workpieces and the uniform sealing of suction cups; a pneumatic counter-blow can be used to ensure faster product release and to remove dust and chips before the cups come into contact with the wood or as a result of machining the workpieces. This promotes sealing and, among other things, prevents residue from entering the vacuum system, ensuring its durability. To unstack MDF or particleboard panels, you can create air blades between the sheets or choose suction cups specifically designed for flaking. However, you need a partner who can handle the different application needs to universally assess the working environment and problems.

Thanks to Vuototecnica, the most suitable gripping solution can be configured in a customized manner, saving a great deal of time and energy.

For the more advanced stages of woodworking, Vuototecnica technicians can design a system for handling furniture pieces that does not leave marks or cause damage: for example, with sponge rubber suction cups, capable of handling pieces with uneven surfaces, as in the case of doors that have large openings for glass and frames or thin veneers, which are very delicate to transport.

To learn more and evaluate the most suitable solution, please, contact Vuototecnica’s designers at


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