One of the star objects in Christmas kitchens is undoubtedly the cookware. We don’t paymuch attention to it, but its characteristics can influence the food we prepare.

Those who make pots and lids, however, know every little detail of manufacture that can change the way you cook. It is said that ‘the pot’s troubles are the lid’s troubles’ and there is no more apt phrase to describe the difficulty of handling these objects, especially as some production stages involve the vertical movement of items and more operations to be carried out in a tight timeframe.

In the video you can see in action a robot implemented with vacuum cups 08 200 10A from Vuototecnica, powered by an MVG 7 vacuum generator.

Pots without handles are moved both vertically and horizontally, without any loss of load and precisely: each one occupies its own working position.

The grip is unrivalled and vacuum generation is ensured by the MVG 7, a lightweight and compact self-contained vacuum unit, which can therefore be installed without bulk wherever it is needed, while maintaining a high suction capacity.

If desired, an energy-saving cable can be installed to further reduce consumption.

When the ideal vacuum level is reached, the compressed air supply is shut off and restarted in the event of leaks or when the vacuum level drops. In this way, the ejectors work with pneumatic pulses, which makes them competitive in terms of efficiency as well as cost-effective. The vacuum degree remains within the set values, saving compressed air.

The round, flat suction pads 08 200 10A have a central threaded hole for attachment to the automaton and one on the side for the vacuum connection.

The conformation of the lip and the choice of compounds allow gripping on convex surfaces such as frying pans.

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