Handling and inserting a robiola cheese pack into its plastic box


Today we introduce you a new application of Octopus, designed with 3D printed customized heads.

In the video below you can see in action a robot handling and inserting a package of robiola cheese into its box.

It would not be possible for Vuototecnica competitors, because the wrapping of the robiola cheese is realized in such a way as to make easier the operations of opening by the consumer and to preserve the taste of the product, but it does not facilitate certain automated stages of packaging in line.

The upper folded edges of the wrapping, in fact, if only manipulated with suction cups or with other types of gripping hands, would tend to open, with the great risk of losing the content during the translation and the deposit into the plastic container.

As you can see, thanks to Vuototecnica special gripping head realized with a 3D printer, shaped and designed in order to eliminate such an event, the robot is able to wrap Robiola without problems: the translatory motion is rapid and the deposit is accurate and there are no unintended loss of product.

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