VUOTOTECNICA: Maxigrip cups, friction without parallel


There are not many obstacles stopping vacuum technology. Even the most treacherous surfaces, greased metal sheets, and wet marble or glass can be handled in complete safety thank to VUOTOTECNICA’s Maxigrip cups. They have an elevated friction coefficient that guarantees perfect grip every time.

Safe and secure grip, without surprises, thanks to Maxigrip cups: the extremely flexible lips of the cups means that they adapt to any type of surface, whether flat, concave or convex, without running the risk of deforming or breaking even the most thin and delicate materials.

The merits go to the innovative design of the interior of the cup, which creates an incomparable safe and secure grip, and is ideal for all industries. These vacuum cups are an innovation: round or elliptical, flat or rounded. They are made of an exclusive mixture produced by VUOTOTECNICA, Benz, and feature a wide array of accessories (reductions, adapters, and joints, for example), which make them the perfect solution for any job, and suitable for all of our clients’ requirements.


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