Shipyards with the wind in their sails


suction-valves-for-resin-infusion-mouldVuototecnica has specially designed the new DR 100 M 01/02 system for vacuum resin infusion moulding for the nautical sector.
Shipyards usually operate with ordinary vacuum pumps that suck onto the moulds without the interposition neither of a volume nor of a vacuum reducer to adjust and maintain the depression inside the suction circuit constant. The result is a variety of permanently operating pumps with the risk of overheating and the need for constant maintenance.
To solve these problems, Vuototecnica has developed this mobile system, which guarantees the best finishing in operations such as infusion or vacuum bagging, thereby ensuring maximum flexibility as required in shipyards.
The resin, which is contained in a special container, is vacuum-sucked by the Vuototecnica mobile system onto a mould until filling it.
Any excessive resin collected inside the sheet steel autoclave can be viewed through the transparent methacrylate cover, which can be manually removed for cleaning the inside of the autoclave once the process is completed.
The installed oil bath vacuum pumps (MV20A/MV40A) allow reaching a maximum vacuum level of 99.5% inside the autoclave therefore, the equipment can also be used as a degasifier.
The standard vacuum reducer installed on the equipment allows adjusting the vacuum level between minimum 20% and maximum 99.9%.
vacuum-baggingThe accurate adjustment of the vacuum level is extremely important in vacuum bagging applications, where the pre-impregnated carbon fibres are pressed in the mould by means of the depression generated inside the bag itself and of the atmospheric pressure that acts evenly on it.
To ensure simple handling in the shipyard, this new vacuum resin infusion system is equipped with a power control panel and is trailer-mounted with a handle onto a solid structure made of steel profiles.
Furthermore, Vuototecnica has developed and created a range of accessories specific for the resin and composite fibre sector, such as: vacuum bagging valves; suction valves for resin infusion moulds; vacuum regulators; vacuum valves and solenoid valves; specific suction filters; vacuum hoses and manifolds.


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