Suction cups for CDs and perforated objects


Compact discs are optical discs designed to store data in digital format. They’re made of transparent polycarbonate, covered with a thin metallic layer upon which the data is “recorded” using lasers. The reading operations are also performed using lasers, but the devices must be treated with maximum care in order to ensure their constant and precise functionality. This includes the production stage, before they are placed on the market.

In the field of industrial automation, it’s extremely important to be able to develop ad hoc solutions for every product. Vuototecnica is capable of providing various types of suction cups based on the specific requirements of the objects to be handled, such as ring suction cups, which are designed to hold objects with a central hole, like CDs.

These suction cups are often used in the electronics industry; they have an extremely thin sealing lip in order to allow them to adapt well to rough surfaces, such as abrasive disks for angle grinders. They are cold fitted to the supports and are made from silicone S for handling compact discs. The supports are made from anodized aluminium and are equipped with a threaded central hole, which provides for the suctioning operations and allows the unit to be fastened to the automated mechanism itself.

Ring suction cups can be used to handle perforated disks of any material, including gears, pulleys and even abrasive discs.

In order to meet its customers’ requirements, Vuototecnica even produces these suction cups in different blends. Download the Vuototecnica Catalogue in PDF format or request a printed copy to find out more about all the solutions we have to offer!


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