Concave suction cups for glass bottles: a smart solution


Glass is a material that’s made up of raw materials that are readily available upon the earth. What’s more, it can be continuously recycled and therefore has an extremely low environmental impact. In the production of glass bottles or cylindrical glass objects, the raw materials are melted in furnaces and cut by shearing machines before being moulded into their classic cylindrical shapes. After being annealed in the furnaces and inspected, the bottles must be handled for packaging. It is precisely at this stage that the need arises for suction cups capable of adapting to the cylindrical shapes and smooth surfaces of the bottles themselves.

Vuototecnica, a leader in vacuum technology, has developed concave suction cups with vulcanized supports for gripping and handling cylindrical objects like bottles. Based on the types of objects to be handled, the suction cups can be manufactured in nitrile or oil-resistant rubber A, which are suitable for gripping glass materials and loads with smooth surfaces and are highly resistant to oil, heat and aging; in natural rubber N, for irregular or rough surfaces (wood, cardboard, marble, brick, glass or plastic); in silicone S, even produced according to the most well-known food-grade manufacturing standards. In addition to bottles, these suction cups can even be used in conjunction with a wide range of other cylindrical objects, including pipes and round profiles.

The support is made of aluminium and has a threaded central hole to facilitate machine mounting, as well as a lateral hole to facilitate the insertion of an anti-rotation guide pin. Vuototecnica provides custom solutions to meet the needs of every industrial sector. Visit the website.


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