Non-stop packaging: Vuototecnica cartridge vacuum generators


Palletising, packaging, pick&place, shaping, thermoforming, and sealing machines. The Packaging sector uses different machine to deliver the perfect, packaged products we use daily in our homes. Many of those machines use vacuum suction cups for pick-up and handling.

For nearly forty years Vuototecnica has manufactured products targeted at the packaging sector, offering updated and efficient solutions for all machines and all technical requirements. The new PVR 1-4 cartridge vacuum generators can be directly integrated on the suction pick-up parts of packaging machines. In addition they allow for the suctioning of dust and small processing residues that may result from the handling of bulk products. Without causing clogging.

Therefore they are ideal for machines including: cartoning, wrapping, and blistering machines and all machines which require high operation frequency without the burden of stopping the machine to clean suction filters.

The PVR 1-4 cartridge vacuum generators have a maximum output even at low working pressures (2-3 bar) with a maximum vacuum level of -70 KPa.

To learn more please read the datasheet and see them in the video.


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