Vacuum generation at the speed of Flexible Picker Robots


Automation through robots ensures the flexibility, productivity and and reliability necessary to the use in order to respond proactively to shorter life-cycles, new packaging designs and new product variations.

The three-gripper robots, real technological spiders, require gripping and vacuum generation technologies that can keep up to pace with the times.

Very small size, significantly reduced weight: these are the features which make the new Vuototecnica vacuum generator FVG (Fast Vacuum generator) with ejector, the preferred product for installation on flexible pickers.

Specifically designed for very high frequency picking and placement, it is made completely of anodized aluminium.

It is equipped with a system, which can be disabled by the customer, for generating a counter blow inside the suction cup at the moment the component to be handled is released.

Maximum output even at low supply pressure together with the ease of installation and its small size, make this generator an essential ally in robotised pick up and placement.

You will find all the technical specifications in our new Vuototecnica brochure. Contact us to request a copy!


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