Vuototecnica contributes to energy savings


At the basis of an energetically efficient production process and highest performances there is an optimized manipulation solution.

Vuototecnica knows it well, so any application that creates for its customers always considers the efficiency.

And efficiency means energy savings, with no waste.

The engineering of Vuototecnica  products considers above all the quality of materials that allows them a longer lifetime, therefore, for many applications there is no need to change ejectors and vacuum cups frequently. All pieces are resistant over time and always effective.

This is the case for example of Vuototecnica holders with shut-off valves – we have already discussed their benefits here on the blog – and of vacuum regulators, able to maintain the degree of vacuum in a constant manner, or of pneumatic PA/PS pumps that allow you to save up to 40% of compressed air and of AVG energy-saving vacuum generators.

Flipping through the catalogue is really hard not to come across products that do not pay attention to sustainability.

We invite you to do so and to contact Vuototecnica designers to find the right solution for you!



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