Handling marble slabs: how to prevent sliding


portaventose-snodati-1Marble or stone slabs (whether produced in-house or externally) are generally stored in areas located near the start of the processing lines (in the workshop) and are later loaded onto trucks in order to be delivered to customers, thus requiring them to be moved from a vertical to a horizontal position, and vice versa.

The slabs are normally stored on inclined stands or racks with vertical poles. It goes without saying that these large slabs are quite difficult to handle. This is due to the fact that the gripping surface is positioned vertically and, since the slabs are typically stored outdoors, can even be compromised by atmospheric conditions, such as rain, dust or humidity.

portaventose-snodati-2Vuototecnica is able to resolve this problem for the marble and glass sectors thanks to its special articulated short-stroke vacuum cup holders.

Thanks to these vacuum cup holders, the lever arm that’s created between the vacuum cup and the clamping sleeve for connecting it to the automatism is reduced to minimum during the slab’s rotation, while the anti-slip plastic surface inside the vacuum cup itself ensures the retention of the vertical gripping surface, even when wet.

These special vacuum cup holders also feature an extremely compact size, as the swivel joint’s lodging is encased in the vacuum cup holder itself, thus reducing the length of the steel shaft for the suspension. The brass sleeve was also modified during the design stage so as to allow it to be screwed directly on to the automatism.

These vacuum cup holders can be used with various types of vacuum cups: those with a sponge rubber lip, for example, are ideal for handling sawn and textured marble or any other material with an uneven surface.

Vuototecnica is committed to helping its customers select the vacuum cups that are best suited to their needs. To contact our experts engineers, please visit: www.vuototecnica.net


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