Vuototecnica’s digital vacuum switches: simple, precise, reliable and energy saving.


Work cycle start ups, proper energy management and safety requirements all require the use of precise tools that will facilitate the measurement and the verification of the vacuum levels being generated by the vacuum sources, such as rotating vane vacuum pumps or pneumatic ejectors.

To this end, Vuototecnica offers a wide range of vacuum switches, including extremely compact and lightweight digital models.


Thanks to these specific characteristics, these units can be mounted in close proximity to the vacuum applications themselves, representing immediate and intuitive tools for the end user.

The flagship of this range of components is the digital vacuum switch 12 10 10.

Its compact cylindrical configuration, complete with a digital display, allows for the vacuum values ​​to be immediately viewed, thus rendering the use of a vacuum gauge superfluous; it can even be easily turned on its own axis with no need to unscrew it from the vacuum connections.

The control panel allows for the easy programming of the device’s parameters, including the switching points and hysteresis from 0 to 100% of the set value, and even offers a range of additional features, like comparisons between values, NO and NC contacts, units of measure and the blocking of functions and programmed values.

The panel includes two LED indicators (one green and one red), which indicate the switching status of the two digital output signals. The two switching outputs are independent.

The unit comes installed as a standard feature on board the GVMM range multi-stage and multifunction vacuum generators, not only to verify the generation of the vacuum level required for the application, but also to manage the pneumatic ejector’s compressed air supply, thanks to the hysteresis function and a electrical cable specifically designed for managing energy savings.

The Vuototecnica product range also includes the 12 05 10 P digital micro vacuum switch, which is even more compact and features a switching time of less than 1 millisecond.

To find out more about these products’ technical specifications and performance characteristics, please visit the website


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