When we deal with Vuototecnica’s Vacupredator suction cups, we can talk about a real revolution in packaging gripping.

Vacupredators are ideal for gripping bags, sacks and flexible containers made of paper or plastic, containing powders, granules, loose products or liquids; perfect for handling flowpacks.

The following video shows a new application of these special vacuum cups.

As you can see, the operational adaptability of the Vacupredator allows the gripping and handling of aluminium profiles, either bare or packed in plastic film, which are generally very flexible.

Traditional suction cups can only pick up profiles without packaging, while Vacupredators, thanks to the innovative design of their suction box, can do much more.

The plastic film is extroflected inside the suction cup box but does not create any kind of occlusions. As you can see, the grip remains firm and the packaging is not deformed by the action of the vacuum.

The Vacupredators are available in different configurations, with sponges of different types and thicknesses, and vacuum box with height-adjustable support surface, depending on the application.

To learn more: www.vuototecnica.net


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