Vuototecnica FVG: Seize the day!


Isn’t it amazing how fast the robot in the video moves the balls with absolute precision and without dropping them?

Vuototecnica has made this incredible phenomenon the basis for resolving the problems of manufacturers, and has succeeded in bringing it to life.

When it comes to robotic automation systems, the FVG (Fast Vacuum Generator) single-stage vacuum generator with ejector provides for flexible and reliable gripping, and is capable of do so at incredible speeds by proactively reacting to extremely short working-cycles, typically with flexible picker robots

Thanks to its anodized aluminium frame, in fact, the FVG is extremely lightweight and is capable of sustaining high gripping and releasing frequencies (<30 msec). A cutting-edge device in every respect:

• Maximum supply pressure: 4 bar
• Available with flow rates of 3 or 5 m3/h (FVG3-FVG5)
• Maximum vacuum level: -85 KPa
• Excludable ejector

The FVG even comes equipped with a system for generating a counter blow inside the vacuum cup upon the release of the component being handled, which can even be disabled by the customer.

It’s easy to install and has proven to be ideal for robotic pick-and-place operations in the packaging industry and other manufacturing sectors.

To see it in action, don’t miss out on the trade fairs that Vuototecnica will be attending after the summer. Visit the website



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