Slotter for cartons: no more noise and maintenance with Vuototecnica PVP MDX series vacuum generators


In the following video you can see a slotter machine for cartons in action.

Normally you should immediately see a big electric dry rotating vane pump, and, above all, you should hear its noise.

But you don’t hear nor see anything annoying, because Vuototecnica replaced this pump with a PVP MDX series vacuum generator.

This efficient vacuum generator branded Vuototecnica is extremely quiet and it doesn’t disturb the working environment.

As you can see, it is installed on a wall which is located right next to the machine operator, because it doesn’t give any trouble to the staff at work, not even in terms of heat output.

According to cardboard types and their porosity, the operator can manage the capacity of suction flow and the degree of vacuum acting on the pressure regulator that feeds PVP MDX series generator.

PVP-MDXThe pneumatic ejector consumes no more energy or compressed air than a rotating vane pump, as many still believe instead. And the benefits are several.

The maintenance of the generator that you see in action in this video is absolutely nothing compared to time and money you have to devote to rotating vane pumps, which often need to replace blades, gaskets and filters. The rotating vane pumps, in addition, emit a lot of heat and are always at risk of overheating the electric motor.

Regarding Vuotecnica generator, the maintenance is reduced to cleaning the paper cartridge of suction filter (FC series) with a simple gun for compressed air. The filter is assembled directly on the suction inlet of the vacuum generator.

What do you want more?

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