Removing goods from pallets has never been so easy


You can see in action a de-palletizer robot in this video. Four Vuototecnica GVMM ejectors and 08 22 19 S bellow suction cups were mounted on it.
As you can see, with this equipment, the robot has a maximum operational flexibility being able to work with four independent vacuum circuits for four suction cups rows. GVM modular and multifunction vacuum generators are in fact real autonomous units able to manage the main functions of a traditional vacuum circuit for controlling suction cups for handling.

8_056GVMM are equipped as standard with:

  • Technology with multi-stage nozzles designed to maximize the suction flow with very low consumption of compressed air
  • A microsolenoid valve for the compressed air supply (activation suction) and another for the counter blow management (to speed the release of the suction cups), with adjustment screw for the flow rate.
  • A vacuum distribution manifold, made of transparent methacrylate, with three independent intake outputs protected by a filter in stainless steel mesh that can be inspected and cleaned
  • A check valve you can easily access to and clean
  • A vacuum switch with digital display

Vuototecnica GVMM can also be equipped with a cable for compressed air energy saving (code 00 15 202 or 00 15 203) with which you can join the microsolenoid valve for the compressed air supply with the digital vacuum switch. By doing so, the microsolenoid valve for compressed air supply of the generator is activated, allowing the generation of vacuum. When the degree of vacuum is at the predetermined maximum from the vacuum switch, this one interrupts the power supply on the electric coil of the solenoid valve and the vacuum is maintained for use (suction cups) thanks to the check valve incorporated in the generator. Only when the vacuum level drops below the minimum value selected with the vacuum switch hysteresis, the power supply is restarted. This suggests the great compressed air savings in application environments where the suction cups operate on good seal materials such as metal sheets or glass.

1_048GVMM generators are available with different suction capacities (3-7-10-14 mc/h) and a maximum vacuum level of -85 KPa.
08 22 19S bellows suction cups you can see in the video retract very rapidly – after resting on the plastic plugs surface and the vacuum is set – allowing for simple separation of stacked objects. They are available in different compounds depending on the surface to be removed.
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