In the following video you can see the vacuum packing of big bologna of a well known brand of Italian cold cuts.

All proportionate to the volume of the product, the two vacuum chambers, which work alternately, needed equally large sections of solenoid valves in order to manage the suction capacities of the centralized vacuum system of the end customer.

Vuototecnica therefore designed big solenoid valves for big products, supplying 3 solenoid valves model 07 09 11 able to ensure a flow rate of 750mc/h each. It is well understood that the adjective “big” refers to size, flow rate, but also to quality.

We know that the solenoid valves are useful in all those situations where a quick switch between the vacuum pump suction and the introduction of air into the circuit is necessary, for a quick restoration of the atmospheric pressure. The suction capacity, however, can only be guaranteed by the actual opening section of the vacuum solenoid valves.Thanks to an accurate design of the internal mechanics, Vuototecnica solenoid valves ensure low intervention times, negligible pressure drops, compact construction compared to the large connections they are equipped with, and minimum electrical absorption for their operation.

They can also be equipped with a low absorption electric pilot coil (2 watts): standard value for the compressed air valve market but not for vacuum solenoid valves where 14 watts pilot solenoids predominate.

Vuototecnica valves offer energy saving and easier PLC management; they are all machined from aluminium billet, so as to eliminate even the slightest probability of leakage, which is known to occur on valve bodies machined by metal die-casting or plastic moulding due to possible micro cracks or blowing during production.

Vuototecnica solenoid valves have a very high construction value, particularly appreciated by those who have to deal with vacuum chamber packing. The tightness is guaranteed by two shaped vulkollan® conical shutters with high mechanical resistance. The stainless steel stem with hexagonal section is resistant to the highest stress from overpressure and to the chemical agents contained in the transported media. The contrast spring is made of shot peened stainless steel. The pilot diaphragm in polyurethane fabric serves to ensure a very high life time in relation to the actual strokes of the stem. And all internal components can be inspected and are easy to maintain.

The solenoid valves can be used normally closed or open, only by changing the connection position of the suction pipes and without acting in any way on the internal mechanical components.

All Vuototecnica solenoid valves are specifically designed for the vacuum sector and offer the opportunity to make the most of the flow rate of vacuum sources.

To know them better, view the technical specifications and understand which one suits you best:


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