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Car manufacturers know that the stage of production and assembly of cars is important to have a quality product. So in recent years small video showing skilled workers in action at the production line – are increasingly popular. Their purpose is to advertise cars performances. The connection is intuitive: product care in the production line means an excellent workmanship vehicle.

The robotic handling of cars sheet metal, glass and plastic components is part of this quality process in which Vuototecnica has been working for several years in collaboration with leading manufacturers engineering departments.

1_015Beginning with solutions specially designed for gripping and handling curved and uneven surfaces such as car bodies or special molded plastic to be removed from the presses. Vuototecnica swivel joints (GSV and GSVF), in anodized aluminum, have a great deal of flexibility for these tasks: they allow you to rotate the suction cup installed on them up to 360°, and to tilt it on its axis up to 35° to block it correctly respect to gripping surface of the object to be taken, ensuring, at the same time, the suction through the hub and a perfect seal.

1_012These joints are recommended on grippers together with Maxigrip cups, suction cups that have an unmatched grip on metal plates and glasses in contact with oil, grease and gasoline. Fluids are drained and the lip is able to adapt to any surface characteristics. Without a trace.

Suction cups for the automotive industry can also be produced in BENZ compound, resistant to chlorine which is usually found in oils for deep drawing and metal sheets stamping.

8_061For vacuum generation, Vuototecnica designed a device that can be mounted directly on robots, even on smallest and flexible ones. AVG (Automotive Vacuum Generator) has a single-stage ejector which allows for faster vacuum generation with the same flow compared to multi-stage ejectors generators. The grip is a snap in this way.

Consider that compared to traditional generators AVG allows an air energy saving of 40%. A pneumatic vacuum switch is fitted as standard able to interrupt the power supply once reached maximum preset vacuum deegree and then it is restored only when the value falls below a minimum threshold. The most important innovation is that even when there is no electricity, the device can operate in this way, an important factor when working on robotic lines that may face sudden stops or blackouts. So you will save money and you do not lose sheets and glasses in the assembly line. AVG can also be equipped with a free flow SSX series exhaust silencer.

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