Maximum flexibility, maximum stability in the grip of marble, glass and ceramics


Gripping marble, glass, cement and ceramics products – which have an extra smooth and slippery surface, or on the contrary have very rough and irregular finishes – is always a problem.

Manufacturing companies producing these materials are distressed, because these are often very expensive pieces and any loss of load means large unexpected expenses.

1_018Vuototecnica designed for all these cases a very flexible round flat suction cup (item code 08 80 20), able to adapt to all these surfaces.

It has a very thin, soft and sensitive lip; and with its bearing surface, with unique reliefs, allows a considerable grip with the load.

In addition, it has the advantage of interchangeability: it can be fitted without adhesives on the support in anodized aluminum, which is itself easily attachable to the machine thanks to a central threaded hole.

It goes without saying that the replacement of this suction cup is very simple. You can change the rubber compound according to the materials of the objects to manipulate and depending on the environment.

Maximum flexibility, maximum stability. Read more:


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