Renew your production line with Vuototecnica


Vuototecnica provides for the creation of ad hoc solutions for gripping and handling each type of object, but it  deals not only with new productions lines, it is able to help also in improving old automation lines.

You have an example of an interesting improvement made with a croissants producer, that uses a renown German line, in the video.

Vuototecnica worked on the vacuum generation by directly applying on each robotic arm an ejector system, series 15 04 10. Previously, a centralized vacuum plant was mounted on the line, with a side channels aspirator and solenoid valves for opening and closing on each arm.

The user found a greater operating speed and a big advantage due to the fact that every single manipulator arm has its own vacuum source and its independence now.

15 04 10 ensures vacuum and blow to the gripping suction cup quickly and continuity is ensured even when one or more automation systems does not hold the piece (this did not happen with the old centralized systems).

In addition to 15 04 10, Vuototecnica designed a whole series of ejectors with integrated extruder. For example, there is a similar model (15 02 10) which is smaller in size, but equally efficient.

The ideal product for picking robot needing lightness and miniaturized components is the FVG-3/5.

To see the whole range, download the catalogue on



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