Construction sites: generate vacuum with motor compressor


Hoisting equipment with suction cups are still the safest and easiest way to install glass in windows, in building sites, during renovations or construction of new buildings.


For the supply of suction cups in such situations, Vuototecnica designed DOP pneumatic mini pump set powered exclusively by compressed air, with PVP multi-stage pneumatic vacuum generators and energy saving device.

These devices allow to maintain automatically the preset vacuum degree in the tank and in the suction cups, thanks to the standard pneumatic vacuum switch. So you can avoid unpleasant and costly losses of load.

They are equipped with a tank in welded sheet steel, a vacuum gauge for the reading, a manual valve for intercepting vacuum, a suction filter with paper cartridge, a pressure regulator with filter, a pneumatic valve to open or close the generator power supply, a pinch valve for the compressed air and a tap to drain the condensate of the tank.

The fact that they are fed and managed exclusively with compressed air makes them particularly suitable for environments such as construction sites; when there is no electric power supply or in areas at risk of explosion.

To know in detail DOP mini pump set operation and benefits for your business, contact Vuototecnica designers.



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