Unstacking boxes and trays with Vuototecnica PVP1


You can see two unstackers for plastic trays, in the following video. The trays are disimpilated with ease and on a regular basis and then equipped with cover.
If you pay attention to the pictures, you can see, in line with the suction cups, decentralized vacuum sources, very close to suction cups. These are Vuototenica PVP1 single-stage vacuum generators.

5.1.2PVP1 are not bulky and they are easy to assemble to supports as well as very quiet. They take advantage of Venturi principle and the maintenance is very simple.
They are not in plastic as many competitor products are instead; nozzles are made ​​of anodized aluminum and do not deform over time, even when the supply compressed air is contaminated with liquid or impurities that could damage them.

For this reason, the air flow and the characteristics of consumption are not changing, if you’ll do regular maintenance; even after several years of operation.
To know PVP1 generators specifications, you can download the catalogue from the website: www.vuototecnica.net.


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