Fluid motion and cleaning in palletizing wood using Vuototecnica Octopus


The palletising robot you can see in the video is concerned with the arrangement of lists of wood thanks to Vuototecnica BO 12120 X Octopus bar with an extraordinary simple operation.

Typically when assembling external vacuum generating units, such as the classic side channels aspirators, there are several problems to be dealt with: as well as being noisy, aspirators force to bring big and bulky vacuum pipes to the gripping hand (with inner sections of 40/50 mm),restricting the movements of the robot wrist. With Vuototecnica vacuum gripping system instead, as you can see, the customer used the standard 8.6 mm compressed air distribution ducts inside the anthropomorphic robot, to power the multistage venturi placed directly on the Octopus bar.

Do you see the system increased cleanliness? The movement of the robot has no obstacle and runs smoothly.

It is possible, by doing so, to provide for a blow-off within the Octopus bar, when it is necessary to release the listings of wood, for example, when you want to increase the speed or to obtain cleanliness and to remove shavings and wood dust.

And the benefits do not end there. All Octopus systems are composed of high quality materials: anodized aluminum for the box; a micro mesh filter on the intake – of easy inspection, in stainless steel – and a wide range of accessories and components and suction plates, depending on the products to be handled.

There is no need to reposition the suction cups, Octopus is effective in taking even when the surface of objects to be manipulated only occupies 5% of the suction plate.

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