Don’t say done if the bag hasn’t been taken


The gripping of bags is a very delicate operation because the gripping surface is not uniform in weight and shape. The following video shows us the performance of the Octopus gripper vacuum system in the field of handling of plastic or paper bags for food or agricultural purposes or in the field of GDO.

The PJ suction plates applied to the Octopus System were designed to allow the grip of plastic or paper bags containing powders, granular products, bulk or liquids, without causing undesirable load breakages or losses that could lead to unwanted operating down time.

They are made of anodised aluminium and are equipped with a special rubber sponge seal for a better performance grip. They are fully interchangeable with Octopus standard plates and easily replaceable. Each Vuototecnica component is synonymous with ease of use and high performance.

The seal and the gripping surface enable reduction of the deformation of the bag, minimising the loss of vacuum. The lifting force was calculated considering a vacuum level of at least -75 Kpa. The plates are available in different sizes according to the load to be lifted.

For more information on the product, look at the specifications in the online catalogue or request a paper-based version. And if you do not find the solution suited to your problem, contact our staff for customisation of the product.


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