New rotary vane vacuum pumps, RVP series


Vuototecnica is proud to present a new range of rotary vane vacuum pumps, RVP.


It is an innovative product, which is technically complete in its standard equipment, built with the latest generation materials and at high standards of quality. It has a very high efficiency, and it is competitive in terms of quality/price ratio, at the same time. It is a compact and sturdy construction, suitable for continuous and heavy-duty use.

The RVP single-stage rotary vane pump with automatic lubrication and recirculating, has a high pumping speed in the range of absolute pressure between 850 and 0.5 mbar. It is driven by an electric motor coupled together via an elastic joint (excluding RVP 15), complying with the latest European regulations.depliant-Vuototecnica-Pompe-2015

A big step forward was made in the direction of a reduced noise level and a low operating temperature. A centrifugal fan guarantees an adequate air flow for cooling.
A capacious oil recovery tank equipped with microfibre deoiling cartridges has the function of smoke filtering system. A special built-in scavenge valve allows for the recovery of oil retained by cartridges. The oil contained in the system lubricates, cools and seals rotating and fixed pump parts. The check valve on the suction line is an integral part of the pump and is standard, while a filter suitable for trapping any suctioned impurities can be supplied upon request.
All pumps, except RVP 15 and RVP 21, are supplied standard with a gas ballast valve, which permits high water vapour compatibility.
RVP pumps will be presented at Ipack Ima 2015: come and see them!Meanwhile you can download the pdf presentation here.


  1. HI you,

    can you give me a Price on a 300 m3/h vacuumpump the RVC version

    thanks 🙂



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