Palletizing faster and without troubles with Octopus


A UK buyer of Vuototecnica presented an ABB robot on which a Octopus SO 20 30J vacuum gripping system was installed, at the PPMA Show in Birmingham.

You can notice, in the video, the convenience and flexibility of taking.

The robot, with a sponge rubber “geranium” plate, take and drop the bags of the customer easily and quickly, without troubles.

Octopus-System-SO2030JOctopus was born in fact as a solution to the need for palletizing and de-palletizing for various sectors of industry and it responds to his task in an intelligent way and with great time savings for users.

The biggest advantage is that you do not need every time to replace the suction cups, even when the robots are required at different tasks: it is ideal even when the surface of objects to be manipulated only occupies 5% of the vacuum table.

Octopus can operate vertically, horizontally, in inclination and even upside down with respect to the gripping plane of the objects.

All Octopus systems have a vacuum generator powered by compressed air; an anodized aluminum box; a mesh microfine filter on the intake, easy to maintain and in stainless steel, to protect the generator; and, finally, the suction plate.

The deformation of the bag is near zero and the loss of vacuum is minimum. The lifting force is calculated considering a minimum vacuum level of -75 Kpa.

Customization of the product is maximum. You can replace the plates if necessary, with other dimensions and different conformations plates, in a simple and fast way.

To build Octopus best solution for your application needs, please contact Vuototecnica designers.



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