Mini Octopus, all the advantages condensed in a small space


Creating flexible, task-appropriate gripping hands with Octopus is always very easy. And despite the great possibilities of customizing this vacuum gripping system, which has been a best seller for several years, Vuototecnica decided to strengthen the range with three mini-sized Octopus (square or round, depending on requirements) to be used as a single “suction cup”, but with all the advantages offered by Octopus technology. These are the codes: SO DO 10X, SO 08 08 X and SO 07 12 X.

As you already know, Octopus allows you to pick up an object even when it occupies only 5% of the gripping surface, and this plus allows it to be more advantageous than a classic suction cup of the same diameter (take for example the SO DO 10 X model, comparing it to a classic suction cup of 100mm diameter).

Let’s imagine to have to take some sheets from a punching machine or from a laser cutting machine, after having created holes in the sheet metal. The mini Octopus show a very good grip and a very good hold even in the points where there are the holes.

In the case of the classic suction cup, on the other hand, if one of the holes were to be in correspondence with its diameter or if it were to touch it, the suction cup would tend to draw without being able to guarantee adequate lifting force.

For this reason, choosing an Octopus can make the difference for specific applications.

Mini Octopus, SO DO 10X, SO 08 08 X and SO 07 12 X, also feature all the operational flexibility known from the Octopus range, the ease of handling objects of different shapes, weights and sizes, with very uneven surfaces.

Simple maintenance, excellent construction materials, choice of surfaces (in sponge rubber or with suction cups) complete the package.

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