Flowpacks handling and energy saving


You can see new 01 30 45 S bellow suction cups in action in the video below. A Vuototecnica customer – a well-known italian manufacturer of crackers – successfully used them.

The robot, equipped with these Vuototecnica suction cups, deals with pick and place of flowpacks.

The end user encountered an improvement in the operation with these new suction cups immediately, compared to those used previously.

013045SThe gripping lip, in fact, is designed to be extremely flexible and fit also to the upside of plastic material packaging.

And this feature brought another benefit to the customer, in terms of energy saving.

The grip of these suction cups takes place, in fact, with a lower volumetric suction flow rate.

The support of this suction cup, in anodized aluminum, is threaded male or female, 1/4″ gas for fixing, and ensure the proper flow to the suction cup.

To know 01 30 45 S suction cups please refer to this data sheet.


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