PVP pneumatic vacuum generators with multiple ejectors : the vacuum source ideal for palletizing and de-palletizing


You can see in action PVP 25 MX multistage pneumatic vacuum generator and 088510N paranatural rubber suction cups, in this video: a perfect match for gripping and palletizing boxes and drums of paint.

PVP-75-50MDXThese generators are suitable for a lot of palletizing and de-palletizing applications, not only with the items you can see in the video; and suction cups are customized according to application fields.

Many manufacturers require Vuototecnica multistage generators aboard their cartesian or anthropomorphic robots because they have unrivaled characteristics. Beginning with their ease of assembly and their management on grippers.

These generators are available with suction flow rates that can exceed 700 mc/h so you can also replace side channels aspirators that usually manufacturers install with large suction pipes on the gripper, binding its movements and operational flexibility.

The customer can also manage compressed air consumption at achieving a vacuum degree suitable for suction cups operation. Think of all those applications for palletizing and de-palletizing of objects and products which have a good seal (sheets, glass plates, plastic parts etc).

Risparmio-energeticoThe energy saving can be guaranteed by ES01/02 kit (Energy Saving), consisting of a pneumatic vacuum switch, a pneumatic pilot operated valve and a check membrane valve for vacuum.

ES01 / 02 kit, assembled on the vacuum generators of the series PVP__MDX, manages the opening and closing of the pneumatic supply of the generator.

The pneumatic vacuum switch, properly set by the user on a vacuum value, actuates the slide supply pneumatic valve pneumatic of the Venturi.

When reaching the set vacuum degree and when pneumatic supply of the Venturi stops, the check valve membrane, mounted on the suction inlet of the generator, keeps in vacuum the application (for example, the suction cups).

The power supply of the Venturi starts only in case of a loss of vacuum degree detected by the pneumatic vacuum switch.

The end result is a compressed air consumption which is directly proportional to the actual time for emptying suction cups that pick up the details of good seal.

Vuototecnica is going on in its mission for innovation and you are going to find a new range of multi-stage ejectors soon: PVP__LP (Low Pressure). They have identical sizes and dimensions from the corresponding PVP series but they operate at a pressure of only 3 bar (compared with actual 6 bar) for a maximum performance in terms of flow rate and vacuum degree. This is obviously a turning point from the energy point of view and as regards their use because these ejectors may also be used in situations where the user is not able to ensure 6 bar pressure on the production line.

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