How to grip last generation Flow pack packaging faster and firm


In the video below, you can see in action Vuototecnica FVG vacuum generator (Fast Vacuum Generator)  and new silicone suction cups, specially designed for the taking of flow pack products.

Please note the speed of gripping and release of the snack packages from a conveyor belt to another.

FVG single-stage vacuum generator with ejector provides flexibility and reliability, at incredible speeds. As you notice, FVG can sustain high grip and release frequencies (<30 msec).

It is very light and you can also install it on the gripping hands; it is usually realized in anodized aluminum. May have a system, which can be excluded in some cases by the customer, for the generation of a counter blow in the suction cup when releasing.

012030The bellow suction cups complete the task flawlessly. They are able to compensate for the height and at the same time ensure stability. The lip tightness is very strong on flexible flow pack like those you see in the video, too, so the packaging is no longer a problem.

The lip was indeed designed specifically, with some suction canalizations, so that it adapts perfectly to the object to be taken.

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