Italian car market, in spring, recorded an increase of 11, 5%, an important data compared to previous months. A sign that the industry is rising again and that manufacturers of the automotive industry responded proactively.

The prevailing response was directed towards the quality of products and of production steps.


Vuototecnica has been working collaboratively with companies in the automotive field for many years, to ensure an efficient robot handling of the sheet metal, glass and plastic parts for cars.

Vuototecnica-Auto-ApplicationWe have already seen on the blog some solutions designed for the industry:

  • Suction cups in BENZ compound, for gripping also into contact with oils, greases and petrols
  • AVG Vacuum generator, energy efficient, with a great vacuum generation speed in the suction cups mounted on board
  • Positionable articulated joints, highly flexible, for rotating the suction cup installed on them of 360 degrees and tilt on its axis up to 35 degrees; to fit and lock it correctly with respect to the surface of the object to be taken

Vuototecnica is able to act with each new customer as engineering partner to meet the needs of the vacuum generation and the handling of objects of any kind. Personalization is the key word.

To know our experts, you can schedule an appointment by calling: +39 039-5320561.


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