In the following video you can find a new example for realizing pallets with a robot that mounts Vuototecnica Octopus vacuum gripping system (SO2040X).

The weight of the boxes is not an obstacle for the gripping heads that fit perfectly to the cardboard, with its porous surface, and are positioned precisely and without damage to the pallet.

The vacuum can also be generated directly on the gripping head, with obvious robot movement convenience.

As always, Octopus is a guarantee of quality and durability thanks to the materials with which it is composed and it is easy to inspect: an anodised aluminum box, open on one side, with a built-in steinless steel microfine filter, to protect the vacuum generator; a suction plate which is also made of anodized aluminum and coated with a special perforated foam rubber.

And if you want to use the robot to take and handle other materials and other objects?

No problem! Because Vuototecnica suction plates are interchangeable without loss of time and without having to replace the entire system.

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