When it is necessary to produce a signal upon reaching a certain degree of vacuum, for safety reasons, for the start of a working cycle or simply to control the grip of the suction cups, Vuototecnica proposes its digital micro vacuum switches.

Perfect for the control of dry air and non-corrosive gases, they are able to provide a very accurate digital signal, to the established value.

To adjust the switching point, just use the adjustment screw on the top of the unit; a red LED, near the screw, indicates the status of the digital signal switching. A very intuitive operation for everyone.

The micro vacuum switches are made of polycarbonate and are constituted by a sensor, an electric circuit and a connector (or a small aluminum collector) with the vacuum connections.

You can request the product in its rotating version, to be able to steer you in the desired position without having to unscrew the vacuum connection.

The connection to the vacuum can be performed via M5 connections, male or female, while the electrical connection via the three-conductor cable wires.

To view data sheets and get more information: www.vuototecnica.net


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