Vuototecnica solutions for the rail industry


In the video below you can see a vacuum system designed by Vuototecnica for the railway sector, in action during a testing phase.

In a few days this system is going to be applied on an automatic machine intended to facilitate the deposit and the withdrawal of railway sleepers and it is able to maintain its function and its effectiveness even outdoor.

The suction cups in foamed rubber 08 220 10 OF manipulate the concrete sleepers with great stability and in complete safety, adapting to the roughness and surface irregularities, without being influenced by the presence of water or residues of dirt and debris.

4_027Furthermore, the vacuum suction pump, thanks to its tank, is able to ensure the right flow of suction to the suction cups, while the bistable solenoid valve ensures the holding of the load even in case of blackout and power failure (the vacuum tank always remains in communication with the suction cups!). This is a resource very useful especially when working outside, on the railway line, where the weather can put a strain on the power plants.

5_021Finally the siphon filter was placed on the vacuum distribution line to retain any water drawn during the lifting of wet and dirty sleepers. Another trick that will make the job easier for the workers and companies.

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