The new Vuototecnica Production Programme is online: download it now!


Following the blog these past months, you noticed surely that Vuototecnica worked on new projects, providing new and implemented solutions in all areas of application.

To give you a guide, with details on the updated product range, we decided to produce a brochure on the current production program: one hundred new pages in which we present the innovations along with leading products, in addition to the Vacuum Solutions catalogue.

You will find some new suction cups, the new multi-function vacuum generators, Octopus gripping heads tailored using a 3D printer, and more.

The brochure is eye-catching and the content provides new images, and texts translated into five different languages.

Vuototecnica never fails to amaze and once again we are confident that, after browsing the brochure, you will be excited about the the shown solutions.

Request a printed copy or download it directly from the website; please feel free to write your comments and questions below!


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