Octopus handling granite tiles


In the following video you can see in action a Vuototecnica standard Octopus  system, SO 40 40 X, handling granite tiles.

The manufacturer integrated Octopus in a very simple and effective way.

Octopus is fixed to the automatism, powered by a pneumatic vacuum generator, mounted on the head.

A compressed air supply valve feeds the generator, activating and deactivating the gripping.

The movement is smooth, fast and secure, as you can see.

There is no load losses; Octopus works even when the gripping surface takes only 5% of the suction surface and in one movement it is possible to carry glossy tiles and raw tiles.

You can also note how Octopus is able to take different types of granite tiles, when the surface is smooth and when it is irregular, there are no differences.

The flexibility of Vuototecnica vacuum gripping system is no longer a mystery.

The most surprising thing is that the whole application works with only 2-3 bar pressure. So the manufacturer was able to save compressed air.



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