Your doubts, our certainties


«One must learn to navigate in an ocean of uncertainties among a few archipelagos of certainties, » Morin wrote. And nothing could be truer when it comes to problem solving, because the path to land is full of internal and external obstacles.

If you do not want to navigate alone in a sea of doubt, you will sooner or later have to rely on an experienced sailor and follow the lighthouse that will lead you to dock in a safe harbor.

Out of metaphor, Vuototecnica knows that working on customers’ doubts, together, is the best method to achieve the goal, which is why several years ago it started its work as an engineering partner, setting itself as a reference point for all those who do not know how to implement their production. Today Vuototecnica recalls this modus operandi with the motto: “Your doubts, our certainties.”

Following each customer by the hand from the design phase to after-sales even in the most uncertain and challenging moments, Vuototecnica believes in a proactive attitude which, between questions and trials, ultimately leads to success, despite the storms.

The blog on which you are reading this piece attests to this process that Vuototecnica follows daily: with suction cups, vacuum pumps, vacuum generators, vacuum switches, and a very talented crew, the best solution for every need is already on the horizon.

You can browse by category and find applications divided by industry, choose your island of certainty, and contact Vuototecnica designers at


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