Christmas 2020 is atypical for many people around the world. Though at a slower pace than in previous years, logistics continues its tireless work of packaging, wrapping, creating pallets, shipping, depalletizing, getting gifts and holiday food into people’s homes.

Vuototecnica has always helped logistics with solutions for packaging and pallet management.

The fundamental need in this sector is the speed, to be coupled, without the possibility of mediation, with the security of the grip (the economic and time damages for individual pallets can be, especially in certain fields, really huge!).

With a complete range of vacuum components such as suction cups, vacuum pumps, vacuum generators, vacuum switches and a team of great talent and professionalism, Vuototecnica is on the market to provide the best solution for the specific needs of the customer.

From Octopus vacuum gripping systems to vacuum cups with and without contact, from efficient vacuum generators to control and measurement devices, Vuototecnica is able to handle all tastes and habits, even those recently modified by growing digital purchases.

The food sector, in particular, held up well, despite the emergency and lockdown, even with online purchases.

Among the specific Vuototecnica solutions for the food industry, there are magnetic silicone suction cups (we talked about them here), RVP rotary vane pumps (here the dedicated article), contactless BEC suction cups to pack coffee pods of all shapes, cookies, cakes and bakery products in general, and Vacupredators, perfect for picking up bags and flow packs, difficult to grip by traditional rubber suction cups (here the last article).

Then there are the Octopus vacuum gripping systems, with their thousand configurations, perfect for the creation and management of pallets of each product.

A whole world to explore, in short, to improve the packaging and handling of many products. Discover it on:


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