In the video below you can see one of the latest applications of Vuototecnica suction cups for a coffee pod production plant.

In this case, Vuototecnica replaced rubber suction cups previously mounted on the plant with new Bernoulli BEC suction cups.

The advantages are innumerable.

First of all, a decisive increase in the speed of taking and releasing coffee pods.
In fact, Vuototecnica BEC suction cups do not generate inertia during the release time, which is typical instead of the rubber sealing lip of traditional suction cups. In this way, the quick movement of robotic arms are enhanced.

As you can see, moreover, despite the speed, pods are released with millimeter precision, as soon as the supply with compressed air is excluded.

Another advantage for the customer is the drastic reduction in machine downtime for replacing suction cups. With the old rubber suction cups productivity was damaged by this periodic forced stop, while BEC suction cups are almost eternal, because they are made of aluminum and do not require maintenance, neither for replacement nor for cleaning.

Thanks to their operating principle, they do not suck anything inside because they deflect air sucked volume towards their outer circumference.

The coffee powder is never sucked inside suction cups, unlike what happened with traditional systems equipped with vacuum generators with suction filter that had to be always cleaned and inspected because at risk of clogging, when in contact with powders.

Bernoulli suction cups, as we have already seen here on the blog in an older post, are able to generate a flow of lamellar air that is placed between them and the object to be taken. There is therefore no contact.

This makes them flexible, considering the fact that coffee capsules and pods often have different, irregular shapes and surfaces; some have micro-holes that in other conditions would be a difficulty.

Furthermore BECs are equipped with stabilizing pins so that the pod / capsule does not rotate. The stabilizers are made of silicone rubber, standard for food sector.

On Vuototecnica website you can find technical data sheets.


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