PVP 2 M single-stage vacuum generator: a self-contained unit for loading and unloading sheets


Laser cutting involves several important steps, including loading-unloading from the cutting machine.

In these particular phases, typically, vacuum is the best solution for handling and releasing thanks to suction cups, glass plates, plastic panels or similar sheets, efficiently.

Vuototecnica has, however, thought to make these operations even simpler by designing PVP 2 M single-stage vacuum generator.

It is based on the Venturi principle and it is a true self-contained unit, already equipped with a suction cup (close to the generator). One of the most appreciated features along with the fact that this generator can be mounted directly on the robot.

In fact, this compactness allows the customer to create a cluster of independent and autonomous suction cups, so that they can pick up plates of different sizes and shapes from time to time.

PVP 2 M generator is made of anodized aluminum with brass ejector – materials that last over time and guarantee quality.

To find out more and view the projects, visit www.vuototecnica.net


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