Vuototecnica self-closing valves handling glass panels of different shape and size


You can see Vuototecnica selfclosing valves handling glass panels of different shape and size, in the following video.

We presented Vuototecnica self-closing valves in the past, here on the blog: for years, they have been successfully employed on manipulators for the withdrawal of sheets, marble slabs, wood panels and, in general, in all cases where there is a need of the operational flexibility of the gripping system, with products that are present in the picking area with varying shapes and sizes (note how many different plates the robot can handle, in the video!).

The biggest advantage of this application is that it is possible to concentrate and open suction only on the suction cups that come into contact – and with total seal – on the glass. As you can see, some plates have strange shapes and are slightly curved.

So the suction cups that remain outside the grip surface or do not adhere to a given point are excluded and the degree of vacuum and aspiration better concentrated on the others. Don’t worry about the positioning of the suction cups.

Vuototecnica PVP multistage ejector (we have already talked about it here on the blog) in this specific application provides power to bellows suction cups you can see in the video.

A flexible and compact circuit like no one, all aboard the gripping hand: it’s simply!

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