The food and packaging sectors are two of the major basins in which Vuototecnica works, providing cutting-edge solutions for all needs.

In the video you can see FVG generators, combined with Maxigrip elliptical bellows suction cups, in taking tomato sauce tubes.

Please note in particular the speed of the operation, with high frequency release and grip, but without interfering with the stability of the grip.

It is possible thanks to FVG generator. It is totally made of anodised aluminum, it has a maximum yield even at low supply pressures and low energy consumption. In addition, its low weight allows installation even directly on the machine.

Elliptic Maxigrip cups instead help the grip of the tubes. The extreme flexibility of the gripping lip allows them to adapt to convex surfaces without any risk of deforming or breaking them.

They also have a high friction coefficient with the gripping surface to guarantee precise positioning of the object to be moved.

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