Automation in assembling macarons


In the following video you can see a robot in action when assembling macarons.

As you can see, the robot is able – by using Bernoulli BEC40 suction cup – to handle the first semi-shell of these crumbly pastry products, picking it from the inside part, which is irregular and porous, in a quickly and precisely way, without damaging them in any way.

Then, it fills them with the cream by changing the head, it uses a vacuum generator, FVG3 series, to pick the shell, smooth on the upper side, and so it closes the macarons, ending the loop.

It’s all so smooth and easy that we almost do not notice that there are advanced technology and hard work of Vuototecnica designers.

This is the case of BEC suckers, that take advantage of the Bernoulli principle.

Suitable to the grip of each baked product, they generate a flow of lamellar air that lies between them and the macaron.

There is no contact during handling and in this way we avoid the aspiration of crumbs, while in traditional systems that use rubber suction cups, there is a need to clean the vacuum circuit often, due to aspiration residues.

BECs, although they have no contact with the product to be manipulated, have stabilizing pins to avoid rotating the macaron and obtaining, this way, more precision in the release.

Stabilizers can be supplied in antistatic or food-grade silicone rubber.

To complete and close the macaron, Vuototecnica FVG 3 ejector comes into operation.

Designed for high-frequency take/release applications, as you can see, it allows unmatched speeds.

In addition, FVG 3 generator provides an integrated counter-blow that cleans and eases the release of the products.

It is very lightweight and it can be installed directly on the handle of delta robots and flexible pickers. In addition, it has low energy consumption and it is completely manufactured with quality materials that can withstand wear.

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