New MSVE multi-function vacuum generators from Vuototecnica: titanic performance, reduced size and weight


When it comes to generating vacuum, Vuototecnica has no equal in terms of range and possibility, but we know that there is always room for innovation.

So, thinking about the industrial robotics, ever more in need of devices with titanic performances but reduced in size and weight, we offer new MSVE vacuum generators.

Suitable for the assembly of suction gripping systems, for moving sheets, glass, marble, ceramics, plastics, cartons, wood, and many other products, the generators of this series have the power to feed a vacuum gripping system and at the same time can be installed in any position because of their compactness.

This is possible because the compressed air supply system via coaxial shutters allows the supply of large amounts of air to the ejectors and to the expulsion system, with rapid gripping and maximum load separation, in a small format.

Equipped with single-stage ejectors, the MSVE generators are powered at low pressure (max 4 bar) and have record emptying speeds, related to their suction capacity, to the advantage of short working cycles with high performance. Two micro-valves control the supply of compressed air to the vacuum ejector and the discharge counter-blow, which can be adjusted for intensity and duration thanks to a screw flow regulator.

To avoid unwanted loss of load and waste, the check valve, integrated on the suction connection, ensures the vacuum retention to use, even in the absence of electricity. Equipped as standard with the 12 30 10 digital vacuum switch, with display and switch signaling LED, it also manages the compressed air supply and provides a signal to start the cycle safely.

All parts are easily inspected and the materials of excellent quality. The operatione of the MSVE is simple for the user. Let’s try to describe it briefly!

When the micro-valve for supplying the compressed air is activated, the generator creates the vacuum for use; when the set maximum value is reached, the vacuum switch intervenes on the electric coil of the micro solenoid valve and interrupts the air supply. It restores it only when the vacuum value falls below the set minimum value. This already makes you understand that, in addition to maintaining the degree of vacuum within the pre-set safety values, you can also have a great saving in compressed air.

Another signal of the vacuum switch, adjustable and independent from the first, can be set to authorize the start of the cycle when the reached vacuum level is suitable for use. Once the working cycle has been completed, the micro-solenoid valve for supplying the compressed air to the generator is deactivated and at the same time the expulsion micro-solenoid valve is activated to quickly restore atmospheric pressure to use.

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