We already announced it a few weeks ago, now the news is official: the new Vuototecnica catalogue is available online.

Vacuum Solutions is: new graphics, updated data sheets, new products, combined flyers, and in-depth information.

Inside, there are 900 pages of know-how, which is unique in terms of breadth and structure, and acquired in over 40 years of business side by side with customers.

The catalogue was designed for a real engineering partnership that generally Vuototecnica chooses to collaborate with customers, in several sectors, searching for the perfect solution for every need.

After a rich introduction on the vacuum principle, on its history over the centuries, on the operation of the suction cups and other products, on the compounds available on the market, on how to choose the most suitable products for applications, and a very useful technical memo, the catalogue is divided in 11 sections: suction cups, cup holders, measuring instruments, vacuum control and regulation, valves and solenoid valves, suction filters, fittings and pipes, vacuum pumps, vacuum generators and pneumatic vacuum pumps, Octopus vacuum gripping systems, graphic division and special products.

There are a lot of winning solutions, because they have already been tested and verified by several industries.

In each page, you can find product description, technical specifications and drawings.

And if you don’t find the best solution for you or you need help in identifying the product, simply contact Vuototecnica designers. They will identify or create what is right for you.

You can download the pdf catalogue here or request a printed copy.


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