MSVE multifunction vacuum generators: what can they do?


They were born a few months ago and we have not emphasized their functionality enough here on the blog.

We are talking about the new compact MSVE ejectors, ideal for the use on gripping systems with very different suction cups, for the handling of sheets, glass, marble, ceramics, plastics, cartons, wood, and many other products.

In the video below you can see the main features that make them our customers’ favorite product.

First of all, MSVE generators allow significant energy savings. When the micro-valve for supplying the compressed air is activated, the generator creates a vacuum for use; when the set maximum value is reached, the vacuum switch intervenes on the electric coil of the micro solenoid valve and interrupts the air supply. It restores it only when the vacuum value falls below the set minimum value. Therefore, in addition to maintaining the vacuum level within the preset safety values, you will also have a great saving in compressed air.

Moreover, MSVE generators do not know what “waste” or “loss of load” means: the check valve ensures, in fact, the maintenance of the vacuum for use, even in the absence of electricity.

The second benefit, as you can see in the video, is that MSVE generators are powered at low pressure and have record emptying speeds, compared to their suction capacity, thus obtaining short and high performance working-cycles. Notice the speed at which the suction cups move on the plane.

Third benefit presented in the video: it is possible to adjust a counter-blow, for intensity and duration, thanks to a screw flow regulator. This allows the suction cups to skate on the plane or keep the two balls in the air.

Finally they are really compact – you can install them anywhere – all the parts are easily inspectable and the materials of excellent quality.

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