Octopus and hydrocarbon bins pallets


We showed you so many times the operational flexibility of our Octopus vacuum gripping system.

Here you can see it at work in a new application: the palletization of hydrocarbon bins.

Please, note the stability and the precision with which the robot takes the bins and releases them onto the pallet, in rows of 5. Details that are very important when dealing with similar materials.

For this special Octopus configuration, each bin has a maximum weight of 30 kilograms, with a total grip of 150 kilos.

The most interesting feature of the Octopus system is that, should you change the load, you should not reposition the suction cups, even if the surface of the objects to be taken occupy only 5% of the entire suction plane (provided that the load does not have an excessive transpiration or does not exceed the maximum weight proportional to the grip surface).

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