Measuring and control instruments: Vuototecnica and the challenge of vacuum regulation


The regulation of values is a fundamental aspect of every circuit that operates with vacuum. Wrong measurements, even by little, can generate large energy losses and can sometimes lead to pressure losses and even more costly and time-consuming problems.

For this reason, Vuototecnica designed an efficient range of vacuum gauges, manometers, vacuum and pressure switches, vacuum control valves, vacuum reducers with relative seals.

Between the vacuum and pressure switches you can choose the digital ones with two-colour display, codes: 12 40 10 and 12 40 20. The precision of these devices is high and their operation is intuitive thanks to two displays. You can schedule values of the scales, hysteresis and other functions such as the comparison between two values, NO and NC contacts, the unit of measurement and blocking of the values. They are robust and simple to use thanks to the display that changes colour (from red to green) when the pressure value set by the user is reached.

Same characteristics but specific task for the digital vacuum switches 12 30 10 and 12 30 10A, perfect for the measurement and control of dry air and non-corrosive gases, ideal for signalling when maximum and minimum values are reached and in all those cases where there are safety reasons or for starting and stopping a working cycle. They are fitted as standard on board of compact multifunction vacuum generators, MSVE series.

When, on the other hand, there is a need for smaller dimensions, Vuototecnica offers the digital microvacuum switch 12 05 10 P, suitable for installations near suction cups or where the vacuum distribution is restricted to very limited spaces.

In hospitals, construction sites, industries, laboratories and whenever a constant and adjustable vacuum level needs to be maintained, a vacuum reducer is the ideal solution. Vuototecnica is a pioneer in Italy in the production of these devices and produces different types, manually or pneumatically adjustable; for high and low vacuum. The vacuum reducers avoid the deformation under vacuum of objects taken from suction cups but are widely used to guarantee a stable and precise vacuum value in various production processes. They do not introduce air into the vacuum distribution circuit and therefore customers can have a single primary vacuum source (vacuum pump) and different distribution branches (each equipped with a vacuum reducer) with different vacuum values. Made of anodized aluminium, they work everywhere and are easy to install; they can be inspected and cleaned, ready to be readopted, unlike many competitors’ products, in disposable plastic.

If there is a need to adjust the vacuum on a rotary vane suction pump, a liquid ring pump or on side channel impellers, Vuototecnica finally offers its vacuum control valves that stand out for their ease of use (they feed air into the vacuum circuit when a value set by the user is reached) and for the hermetic seal guaranteed by rubber shutters. With the new catalogue, Vuototecnica has implemented the range of these valves up to the 1″1/2 gas model code 04 05 10 for vacuum pumps with suction capacity up to 250 mc/h. In addition, all vacuum control valves are now available, also in stainless steel version for aggressive environments.

To find out more about the operation of these products and to learn more about the entire Vuototecnica measuring and control range, you can download the online catalogue.


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